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Southdown Sheep: A Billings Farm Legacy

Famous for high-quality ice cream and cheddar cheese, Vermont has a reputation as one of the premier producers of dairy products in the United States. Because of this, you might be surprised to learn that the Green Mountain State was once famous for its sheep, with as many as half a million here by the […]

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Remembering Joe

The first few days of 2017 were tough ones at the Billings Farm, with the passing of Joe, our 25-year-old Percheron. Joe was a wonderful horse with a calm demeanor and a love of working with his partner, Jim. We’ve been deeply touched by the tremendous outpouring of support and kindness we’ve received from so many of you […]

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Percheron Joe: farewell to a noble friend

Last Friday was a very difficult day at Billings Farm. Joe, one of our four beloved Percheron draft horses, left us after a long battle with melanoma and osteoarthritis. Joe was a magnificent horse, much loved by our entire Billings community. Sweet, gentle, and loyal, he was the first to greet our farm staff in the morning with […]

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3 Traditional New England Christmas D.I.Y Projects

It’s almost Christmas, and at Billings Farm, we’re looking back at our favorite New England holiday traditions and D.I.Y. Christmas projects from the late 1800s–from homemade decorations to gifts you might find surprising. Celebrating Christmas is a relatively recent phenomenon and like most New England states, Vermonters did not widely enjoy the holiday until late […]

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