Sing Street


December 31 • 3:00 & 5:00 pm

(Ireland • 2015 • 1 hr., 46 min.) rated PG-13

Nashville Film Festival: Audience Award, Special Jury Prize; additional win and seven nominations.

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Irish filmmaker John Carney’s Sing Street isn’t about the rise of a hot new band in Dublin in 1985. No one pays much attention to Sing Street: not club owners, booking agents, or label executives. The story is about 14-year old Conor pulling himself up out of bleak circumstances with the help of his older brother Brendan, who teaches him that the key to greatness in any endeavor is to risk being ridiculed. Ultimately, Carney’s movie uses the real social problems of his home country as the backdrop for inspiration.

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3:00, 5:00