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Slug Bug Beach Party, 2020
Slug Bug Beach Party, 2020

#10 - Slug Bug Beach Party

Audrey Ward
Bethel, Vermont
Machine pieced; hand quilted

“My daughter and son-in-law bought a ’73 Volkswagen Beetle for my daughter’s 50th birthday. Then she was visiting a quilt shop and saw directions for the ‘Slug Bug Beach Party’ quilt and thought I might like to make one. It looked interesting, and as you can see, I did make it!

Their Beetle is light blue, hence the blue ‘bug’ in the quilt. The red ‘bug’ is because my late husband had one many years ago. The car bodies, fenders, wheels & hubcaps were fused onto the block, then stitched around using a decorative stitch.

It was a joy to make and will be given to my daughter and son-in-law after this exhibit.”

~ Audrey Ward