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Peace, 2020
Peace, 2020

#11 - Peace

Sandra S. Palmer
Woodstock, Vermont
Machine pieced; machine quilted by Sue Cass, Three Maples, LLC, South Royalton, Vermont

“This quilt was made for a friend whose granddaughter is into tie die fabrics, flowers and loves the Peace Sign. This fabric was selected because of the close resemblance to the tied dye fabrics of yesteryears. It was bought about three years ago and we could not find it when I started to piece the quilt so the design changed from the first design done.

A center this large needs to be precise as it will show the edge out of round. I had to take out two very small areas and re-stitch as you could see it being magnified when you stepped back and looked at the centers outer edge of the circle.

After appliquéing it down by hand I then stitched it down by machine so that it could be washed without the center medallion edge coming up off the quilt.

The quilting on the piece was a mix of stippling in the center to enhance the sign and flowers used for the era of the sign. The young lady’s grandmother loved hummingbirds. The variegated threads were used to enhance the design in the quilt. Sue Cass did a great job with the quilting.

The quilt may look simple, however the Peace Sign center must be precise. I did a number of Peace Sign patterns to get the size of the center right.”

~ Sandra S. Palmer