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Blooming Batik Bouquets, 2020
Blooming Batik Bouquets, 2020

#18 - Blooming Batik Bouquets

Susan Hall
Hartland, Vermont
Appliqué; machine quilted

“There were several factors that went into developing the design of this quilt. First, and most important, is my love of appliqué, which has always been my chosen technique. Next, in order to create a more interesting visual, I developed a pattern using blocks in varying sizes, and since flowers have always brought great pleasure to me, they became the primary subject matter. Finally, since I enjoy machine quilting, I finished each block individually, and then assembled the quilt using my favorite technique, which is the one taught by Leah Day. Coming up with a name was a bit difficult, so I challenged my family members to help me, and the credit goes to my daughter. Thank you, Monica!”

~ Susan Hall