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Maggie, 2020
Maggie, 2020

#21 - Maggie

Edith Aiken
Bethel, Vermont
Machine pieced; machine quilted

“My quilt has the name of Maggie Babson (19) who lives in Lexington (MA) with two younger sisters. Her home is near Boston Children’s Hospital.

She was born with Cystic Fibrosis. She needed lots of medical help growing up. Unable to participate in sports, she took part in a camera club. She received most of her schooling at home (with tutors). Maggie graduated from high school in June 2019.

Delectable Mountain Quilters gave her a small quilt ten years ago. She took this to doctor’s appointments and hospital stops.

Now she will enjoy a new quilt. Hope she finds joy, beauty, and warmth with it.”

~ Edith Aiken