Nintendo has Accepted our Challenge: Part Two

Several weeks ago, we had some pretty unusual visitors here at Billings Farm. If you’ve read  Nintendo has Accepted our Challenge, you’ll know that after discovering Nintendo’s now-infamous cow milking game and concluding that their designers had no idea how difficult it is to milk a non-virtual cow,  we decided to send them a letter challenging them to a milk-off!

Amazingly Nintendo, one of the world’s largest entertainment companies, accepted the challenge and sent a team to Vermont to learn more about the hard work that our farmers put into caring for our herd of award-winning Jersey cows. Nintendo execs. David Young and Tim Kwong explored the Billings Farm and Woodstock, milked their first cow, and took on farm staff Alayna and Tyler at a virtual cow-milking contest in the center of the cow barn.

Now that the dust has cleared, we’re happy to share the following video, showing how the contest evolved and who won. This was an amazing event and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The team from Nintendo were wonderful guests, with exceptional enthusiasm and eagerness to learn how Billings Farm operates. They’re welcome to return for a rematch any time!

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