A Brief Winter Thank You: A Poem and Photos in Appreciation of our Farm Staff

With the holidays approaching and winter firmly upon us, it’s a good time to sit down and take a few moments to appreciate our Billings Farm staff, as well as farmers everywhere!

Work begins at 4:00 a.m. each day with milking and barn chores, and ends when the afternoon milking and chores are finished and the cows are fed and comfortable for the night. Despite the worst downpour or blizzard, the work continues! We thank everyone who’s in a barn right now, working to help put food on our tables…

They’ll be in the barns on Christmas Day, as they were on Thanksgiving, and that’s part of the job. In tribute, we’ve included some of our favorite black and white shots of the Billings Farm staff from this year, as well as a few of the amazing animals that are such a big part of their lives. There’s also a small poem about what it means to be a farmer that you might consider sending to the farmers in your life as a show of gratitude for all they do:

Ode to Farmers by Tom Remp 

I’ll raise my glass to all the farmers,

who never saw the sun go down

and rose before the dawn. 

I’ll drink to them that braved the seasons,

bent double ‘gainst a clawing wind

half-buried in the snow. 


I’ll think of those who baked in summer

shackled to the harvest time,

tending to a lowing herd.


Wiped mud from eyes and kept on going

backs creaking with the change

hands buried half-in slop.


Who dealt with bulls and sheep and oxen,

crouched down to milk and braved the kicks

and gave some life to silent calves.


Ey, I’ll raise my glass to all the farmers,

Who’d do it all again.

3 thoughts on “A Brief Winter Thank You: A Poem and Photos in Appreciation of our Farm Staff

  1. God bless all the farmers especially those with ethics. Thank you for enduring all you do for all of us. There’s a young lady in your video that reminds me of my granddaughter who funny enough is an officer in our proud FFA. My son and other granddaughter(16 & also in FFA) also work part time with cows on a local dairy farm. We live in a small town in Albion, N.Y. I’ve visited them at work and wow that’s a lot off HARD work. The farm is family run and belongs to my sons high school buddy. My granddaughter loves to show me her “muscles” due to her hard work.

  2. I grew up the daughter of a dairy farmer, so I know what hard work was all about and it went from early morn till late at night. Never had a day off as farmers work 7 days a week 365, days a year. Hats off to all of the farmers and all of the good food they produce for the nation.

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