A testament to the immense complexity of nature, The Biggest Little Farm follows two West Coast dreamers and their dog on an odyssey to bring harmony to both their lives and the land they choose to farm – 200 acres in the foothills of Ventura County that is utterly depleted of nutrients and suffering from a brutal drought.

The film chronicles eight years of daunting work and outsize idealism as they attempt to create the utopia they seek. When the farm’s ecosystem finally begins to reawaken, so does the Chesters’ hope – but as their plans then take a series of wild turns, they realize that to survive they will have to reach a far greater understanding of the intricacies and wisdom of nature, and of life itself.

“Captures the triumphs and defeats of the Chesters’ enterprise with arresting intimacy…a gentle, lyrical ode to the natural rhythms of life, death and regeneration. This is a must-see film for its dazzling imagery of nature in action.” – Washington Post