Draft Horses

Meet Our Draft Horse Teams

As part of our continuing commitment to showcase traditional agricultural methods and techniques, Billings Farm currently keeps five draft horses on site. These amazing animals, organized into two teams and one single, are able to pull sleighs, wagons, and farm equipment, demonstrating the strength and training that would have made them a farmer’s most valued assets.



Jim is our 21-year-old Percheron gelding, and has lived at Billings Farm since 2004. He stands 17 hands high (one “hand” is equal to four inches) and weighs about 2000 pounds. Powerful and extremely friendly with visitors and farm staff alike, Jim exemplifies the Percheron nickname “Gentle Giant.” Since the passing of his team-partner Joe, Jim has been doing solo work around the farm and enjoys pulling a waggonette for the occasional ride through Woodstock. He can be seen here taking part in the annual Wassail parade.


Ruby & Rosie

Ruby & Rosie are 16-year-old Sorrel Belgian Mares who came to Billings Farm from Wisconsin. They are half-sisters who love working together as a team, and enjoy pulling wagons and sleighs through the farm fields. Both stand at around 16.3 hands.