Vaucluse Surville Suzanne Ex 93

Portrait of Suzanne | Foundation Jersey Cows | Billings Farm & Museum

5-07 305D 17,540M 941F

Billings Farm purchased Suzanne in 1974 and her family has gone on to produce several impact females in the herd. Today the 8th and 9th generations from this prodigious cow family dominate the herd. Billings Juno Samantha Ex 91 was the 6th generation from Suzanne and was more than 11 years old when finally laid to rest at Billings Farm. Samantha produced six females through natural calvings and was never flushed. All six daughters went on to score excellent!

Billings Barber Sasha EX 95

7-00 305D 19,303M 924F 626P

Sasha has 14 complete lactations and over 220,000 lbs. lifetime milk, to date. Sasha has a 91 point Paramount, an Ex 90 Action, and a 90 point Comerica.

Billings Barber Sandy EX 91

4-09 305D 18,090M 800F 591P

Sandy has a 92 point Montana as well as an 88 point Mannix.

Billings Lester Simone Ex 91

5-06 329D 20,737M 1081F 726P

Simone has an Ex 93 Paramount daughter.

Billings Flyer Stealth Ex 90

9-06 346D 20,088M 989F 799P

Stealth has over 150,000 pounds lifetime to date.

Billings Elegant Scarlett Ex 91

3-08 305D 20,491M 942F 738P

Scarlett has left us with a beautifully-uddered 93 point Furor daughter, Sapphire.

Billings Furor Sapphire Ex 93

Portrait of Sapphire | Foundation Jersey Cows | Billings Farm & Museum

Billings Legion Sox Ex 91

3-04 305D 18,834M 937F 671P

Sox has two daughters: Billings RBR Style VG 89 max score, sold in the 2010 All American Sale, and Billings Excitation Status EX 91 at our farm. In 2011, Status was Billings Farm’s first entry to the Jersey Jug in over 20 years.