Nintendo has Accepted our Challenge.

Here at Billings Farm & Museum, in Woodstock, Vermont, we’re proud of our reputation as having one of the best registered Jersey dairy herds in the United States. Our farm staff work tirelessly seven days a week, from 4 AM milking to sunset, to ensure both the quality of the milk we produce and the health and continued happiness of our animals. As an educational farm, we also believe strongly that a vital part of our mission is to educate the wider world about the almost super-human dedication and hard work it takes to be a dairy farmer.

Because of this, when we read that Nintendo recently released a virtual cow milking game on their new console, the Nintendo Switch™, we decided to call them out, feeling that no game could do justice to our profession! Tom Remp, our Director of Marketing, and Alayna Perkins, our farm manager, wrote to Nintendo to offer them the chance to visit with us and learn what milking a cow really takes.

Here’s what we said:

Dear Nintendo

 We’re one of New England’s premier living history museums. We’re writing because our farm staff recently saw the cow milking game for Nintendo Switch and decided that you’ve taken all the challenge out of milking. We have 30 adorable Jersey milking cows that we milk twice a day, and it is NEVER that easy. We also think that you guys look pretty slow.

 To this end, we’d like to set up some sort of challenge to pit our team against yours to see who can milk the fastest. If you accept, let us know and we can work out the details. The question is: Is your team brave enough?

 Thanks, Tom and Alayna”

We’re pleased (and slightly amazed) to say that Nintendo recently responded, and WILL be joining us this Wednesday (March 29th) to take part in a bit of friendly competition with their milking game, and learn more about what it really takes to milk and look after a cow. You can see how they responded to our challenge via Facebook here.

Although the event will be closed to the public, we’ll be producing a video to show you how it went down, and are happy to invite members of the press. Those interested should contact Tom Remp at or 617-894-9219 for more information.

8 thoughts on “Nintendo has Accepted our Challenge.

  1. What a great idea to show them true milking process. I have been in a milking barn and not as easy as it looks like on tv or in films.

  2. My daughter and I came to your farm as part of a school field trip from Warren, NH when she was in third grade. I loved it there. It was the first time I saw sheep up close, and one of the cows peed on my sneaker. The kids thought that was pretty funny! As a history teacher, and a Native Cape Codder, my farm visit is one of my fondest memories from living in North Country. I still have pictures from that day back in 2004. Now, my daughter is twenty-three and an avid gamer. I shared this link with her because she will get a kick out of the challenge. So fun! Thanks for posting!

  3. Way to go Billings Farm!! Kudos to Nintendo for taking on the challenge!! I’ll be looking forward to the video!
    May the best team win 🐄🐮🐄🐮🐄

  4. I grew up on our dairy farm. I was the #1 ‘farmhand,’ ’66 – ’73. Pita then, glad that I did, now. ‘Old skool’ small farm, 60 head, 4 milking machines, bulk tank. We got into a lifelong passion for motorcycles, all because Dad bought a lil Yamaha trailbike to ‘bring in the cows.’

  5. I’m part of one of the last true family farms in the Northeast Kingdom. Have you posted videos or results anywhere?

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