Join the Sustainability Challenge!

Everything comes with a cost – especially food. We’re not just talking about the money used to buy food, but also the resources used to get it to the store in the first place. The carbon footprint of what we eat can be vast and we’re aiming to reduce that through our Eat Local sustainability initiative.  

Find more information here about sourcing local food, delicious recipes, and how you can participate in the Billings Farm & Museum sustainability initiative.

Monthly Recipe 

November: Tourtiere
Total Miles: 0!

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How Low Can You Go?

The fewer miles your food travels before it lands on your dinner table can mean a smaller carbon footprint.  Download the worksheet and calculate the miles your meal traveled before you ate it.   Tell us about it for a chance to win Billings Farm Cheese.  Email , message or tag us on Facebook or Instagram, or use the hashtag #EatLocalBFM.  Please include name and email address.

Download How Low Can You Go Worksheet