Youth Group Programs

2018 Youth Group Programs

Billings Farm & Museum is an operating dairy farm and a museum of Vermont’s rural past. All programs include playing historic games and a make-it-and-take-it craft or make-it-and-eat-it snack!

Dates: April 1 – October 31, 2018; 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Group: Youth groups of 10 or more.

Fee: $7.00/youth; 1 adult free/7 youths.

Lunch: Bring your picnic! The dairy bar sells ice cream, drinks, and snacks.

Register online or call 802-457-2355.

Please choose one of the following programs:

Making Ice Cream

Everyone gets to turn the crank as we make this dairy treat for all to enjoy. Please add a $15 supplies fee.

Rope Making

Join in the fun as we turn two yarns into a strand and three strands into rope. Make a jump rope for your group to take away. Please add a $15 supplies fee.

Corn, King of the Farm Crops

Visit the garden and see the different heirloom varieties of corn. Work alongside the gardener and plant a seed to start your own garden.

Children on Hill Farms

Experience the life of a child long ago by using the tools and toys of the time. Weave a memento to take home with you!

Up Close With a Jersey Cow

Meet one of our Jersey cows up close and help churn cream into butter. Learn how we care for her and why her body is uniquely designed to produce so much milk.

Horses and Oxen

Gee! Haw! Git up and Whoa: these are the commands that tell these animals which way to go! Watch our teamster work the oxen and discover the important role that draft horses once played on the farm. Design your own clothespin horse to take home.

Meet Our Sheep

Meet one of our ewes and feel her thick wool, rich with lanolin. Work with her wool to make a felted wool ball to remember your visit.