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2020 Quilt #33
#33 - Creation

#33 - Creation

Diane S. Holme
Springfield, Vermont
Machine pieced; machine quilted by Mara Novak, Flying Goose Custom Quilting, Hartland, Vermont

“Colors, designs and patterns are what ignite my passion for quilting. I first started quilting with solid colors in Amish patterns, moved to printed fabrics and then finally, to batiks where I found an entrancing array of colorful organic elements. I have long been intrigued by the colors of the earth and wanted to combine them in a quilt. I found a pattern that would give me many options. I chose those batiks that spoke of earth, sea, sand and water surrounded by the Earth’s core. As I laid out the top corner pieces on the carpet, I could not see the pattern. I asked my friends, ‘Do you see any pattern?’ It was not until all the pieces were sewn together that the pattern emerged. I call it ‘Creation’.”

~ Diane S. Holme