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Quilt 14
#14 - Purple Mystery

#14 - Purple Mystery

Josette M. Jones 
Windsor, Vermont
Purple Mystery

Machine pieced; machine quilted

“One of the members of our guild had a mystery quilt class. You ask, what is a mystery quilt class? The instructor gives out a set of directions prior to class that gives you basic information that you will need, such as a focus fabric, coordinating fabrics, how to cut these different pieces of fabric and sometimes sewing some pieces together to save time during class. You blindly make all the cuts and do any sewing without any idea of what the finished product will be. On the day of the class, you get instruction number one. When you finish those instructions, you get the next set of directions. This goes on until you have finished what will be the center of your quilt. The quilter is then left to decide how she/he wants to finish the quilt, such as leaving it this size, making it bigger by adding more squares or just adding borders. 

Prior to class, I decided this quilt would be for my great-niece, Katie. As I searched my stash for purples, Katie’s favorite color, I was able to collect everything I would need without having to go elsewhere.

I enjoy a mystery class, because it is so much fun to see the finished products that are made from the same pattern but look so different just because of people’s choices in fabrics.”

~ Josette M. Jones