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Quilt 15
#15 - Remembering Rachel

#15 - Remembering Rachel

Sally Alloway 
Hartford, Vermont
Remembering Rachel

Hand pieced, machine pieced, appliqué; hand quilted, machine quilted, tied

“This was one of the many ‘someday’ quilt projects that I have worked on through the pandemic. I had always wanted to try English paper piecing and began this project thinking that I would make a bed-size cover. However, I realized too late that I would not have that much patience! So, using both machine quilting and the Decatur knot for tying (thank you, Mary), I was able to complete a lovely throw.

And, making it reversible, I was also able to use up all of the ‘30s prints that I had purchased years ago for this “someday” project. My sons’ paternal grandmother was known, in part, for her prolific green thumb and beautiful flowers. Hence, the title: Remembering Rachel.”

~ Sally Alloway