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Quilt 2
#2 - My Red & White Quilt

#2 - My Red & White Quilt

Mary Guntz 
Hartford, Vermont
My Red & White Quilt

Machine pieced; hand quilted

“I’ve always liked the crispness of red and white quilts and pinwheels have always been a favorite design, so, when I saw this pattern, I had to make it. I wanted the quilt to be a bit larger than the original pattern, so I added the border. It was a challenge to size the diamonds to fit precisely in the space needed.

Since I enjoy hand quilting, I thought the curves of the feather/flower design in the larger blocks gave a nice contrast to the straight lines and angles of the squares and triangles. Earlier in my life, I would have said that I prefer the hand quilting aspect of making a quilt, but over many years of making quilts I have come to appreciate the process from start to finish.”

~ Mary Guntz