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Quilt 3
#3 - Glory

#3 - Glory

Diane S. Holme
Springfield, Vermont

Machine pieced; machine quilted by Flying Goose Custom Quilting, Hartland, Vermont

“Glory came into being through my love of color and pattern. Batiks lend themselves so beautifully to both color and pattern. I was intrigued with how the Star-Crossed Lover pattern would handle full-blown colorful batiks. As I created a series of blocks from five sets of fabric my imagination was hopeful but cautious. I never know how the pattern really works until I have experimented with it. As I laid out the blocks, I could see that some of the star pattern was lost in the range of colors that were too similar. I went back and chose more fabrics with more contrast, but still pleasing colors and created replacement blocks. You can still see some blocks that really reach for the stars and other blocks that nail them. It was a challenge to let the colors speak for themselves, but when they were joined and framed the shout was ‘Glory!’”

~ Diane S. Holme