Celebrating 150 years

On March 17 Frederick Billings purchases the Marsh Homestead.

Frederick Billings begins building a prize Jersey herd at Billings Farm. Billings is one of the first Vermont farmers to import Jersey cattle directly from the Isle of Jersey.

Billings brings Southdown sheep to the farm directly from England. 

Frederick Billings hires George Aitken as farm manager.

Frederick Billings and George Aitken build the "Farm House" at the Billings Farm. The building is comprised of the manager's residence, office, and creamery

Frederick Billings has a severe stroke and later dies  on Sept. 30, 1890, age 67

Julia Billings with her daughters, Laura, Mary Montagu and Elizabeth, continue Frederick’s work of reforestation and landscape and farm management for decades after his death

Jerseys from the Billings herd win top honors at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago—best Jerseys at the fair and third best herd overall

On Sept. 19 George Aitken dies unexpectedly in Woodstock, age 58

On Feb. 17 Julia Parmly Billings dies in New York, age 79. The estate is divided among her children.

The Woodstock unit of the Woman’s Land Army of Vermont, known as the Farmerettes, go to work at Billings Farm when men are called to war

Billings Farm operations scale back through the Great Depression. In 1936 the farm sells their herd to Upwey Farms in South Woodstock

Billings Farm Dairy open house on Oct. 30

Billings Farm expands its herd and bottling capacity and has a fleet of delivery trucks. Lower barns expanded and modernized.

On June 14 Mary Montagu Billings French dies in Hanover, N.H., age 82. Her three children, John French, Jr., Mary French Rockefeller, and Elizabeth French Hitchcock inherit the Billings Farm

Billings Farm and Starlake Diary join in building a modern milk processing and bottling plant in Wilder, Vt

Laurance  and Mary Rockefeller purchase Billings Farm

Billings Farm & Museum, a project of the Woodstock Foundation, Inc., opens to the public.