A Place in the Land

Watch our award-winning film A Place in the Land, which discusses the history of the land that is now Billings Farm & Museum and Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park.

Afterwards we will have a guided conversation about how the practices of conservation and sustainability have been carried out for generations by the people who lived on this land.

Dates available:
Weekdays, April 19 – June 18
Offered from 10am-3pm
Call 802-457-2355 or e-mail afannin@ to confirm availability.

Grades: 4-6

Pre-field trip materials:

• A Place in the Land film (30 minutes)
Seven Generations of Stewardship Worksheet


• Pre-field trip materials: about 45 minutes
• Live session: 25 minutes

Cost: $45 per session

How to reserve your virtual field trip:

Complete the reservation form below then select your session date and timeslot on the payment page. Reservations are suggested 7 days in advance, however, you may call to check if your preferred day/time is available, with less than 7 days.  Cancellations are requested a minimum of 24 hours in advance, to be respectful of others interested in the same time slot. Call 802-457-2355 with questions.

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