Billings Farm at Home

Billings Farm at Home

Enjoy these crafts and activities at home! Click the images to download and print the activities and instructions. Get updates directly by emailing and typing “SUBSCRIBE” in the subject.

Over the next days and weeks, we will post downloads for new activity kits and videos featuring book readings, farmhouse tours and virtual visits with our farm animals. Send us your ideas for future kits and videos, and questions you want answered about our animals, the farm, our exhibits and our collections.

Crafts and Activities Downloads

Strawberry Banana SmoothieAll About Dairy – April 8
Learn about milk and the animals around the world that produce milk. Make a Quick Strawberry Banana Smoothie!

Mac and CheeseTime Travel Tuesday Mac ‘n Cheese – April 7
Emery is making Mac ‘n Cheese from the Fannie Farmer 1896 Boston Cooking School Cook Book. Download the recipe, gather your ingredients and follow along!

Monarch Info KitLearn about Monarch Butterflies – April 6
In this information kit, learn more about the Monarch’s life cycle, amazing migration and how to make your garden inviting for this native Vermont species. Download our Butterfly Wreath making activity.

Quick Pickled CarrotsQuick Pickled Carrots – April 3
Make this quick and easy recipe. Watch Anna demonstrate how.

Billings Farm lambLearn about Lambing – April 2
Facts and information about lambing and ewes.

Colt and RoosterMeet our Steers – April 1
What are steers and oxen and how do they help around the farm? Try out the teamster commands!

Make your own historic toysMake your own toys – March 31
Kids have always made their own toys. Learn about historic toys and make your own historic toy from materials you have at home.

Fanny Farmer Berry MuffinsCookstoves & Fanny Farmer Berry Muffins – March 31
Learn about cookstoves and make berry muffins from the Fannie Farmer 1896 Boston Cooking School Cook Book.

Chicken Activity KitChicken Activity Kit – March 30
Download chicken facts, make a paper chick craft and try the disappearing eggshell trick.

Draft Horse Coloring PagesDraft Horse Coloring Pages – March 27
Download coloring pages featuring draft horses in action.

Maple Popcorn recipeMaple Popcorn Recipe – March 26
Make maple popcorn at home.

Crazy Quilt BookmarkCrazy Quilt Bookmark Activity – March 25
Make a fun bookmark and learn fun facts about quilts.

BeanBuddyLearn about seeds – March 24
Learn about how seeds sprout and make your own Bean Buddy. Includes fun facts about beans, links to videos, and a black bean brownie recipe!

GoatsToilet Paper Roll Goat – March 23
Make your own goat friend from materials you have around the house! You’ll need a toilet paper roll, cotton balls, construction paper, glue and a marker. Add googly eyes if you have them!

Dairy Cow Bag of Fun – March 19Dairy Cow Bag of Fun
The Dairy Cow Bag of Fun includes: an introduction to dairy cow breeds and fun facts about dairy cows, instructions and a template to make a paper bag Jersey cow, instructions to make butter at home, and our “match the cow breed” game. Enjoy!

Billings at Home Videos

Make Fannie Farmer Mac ‘n Cheese – April 7: Emery is making Mac ‘n Cheese from the Fannie Farmer 1896 Boston Cooking School Cook Book. Download the recipe, gather your ingredients and follow along!

Foodie Friday: Quick Pickled Carrots – April 3: Anna demonstrates an easy and delicious recipe for pickled carrots (or any fresh veggie you’d like!). Cook’s note: the garlic in the recipe was accidentally omitted in the demonstration. Download the recipe, gather your ingredients and follow along!

Meet our Southdown Sheep – April 2: Tiana introduces us to Billings Farm’s Southdown ewes and Babydoll ram a few weeks before lambing.

How to train a steer – April 1: Find out what it takes to train working steers from our friends at Green Mountain Teamsters 4H.

Make Fannie Farmer Berry Muffins – March 31: Emery is making Berry Muffins from the Fannie Farmer 1896 Boston Cooking School Cook Book. Download the recipe (along with some cool information on cookstoves), gather your ingredients and follow along!

Meet our Chickens – March 30: Tiana introduces us to a Billings Farm chicken and talks about the colors of the eggs our chickens lay. Look closely at her legs!

Meet Luke & Lonnie – March 27: Christine introduces us to the Billings Farm draft horse team. Learn more about the history of draft horses in Vermont

Making Maple Popcorn – March 26: Make a movie night treat! Join Anna in the Learning Kitchen as she demonstrates our maple popcorn recipe.

Tapping Trees at Billings Farm – March 25: Christine explains how we make Billings Farm maple syrup.

All about Crazy Quilts – March 25: Christine explains what a crazy quilt is and shows an example from the collection at Billings farm & Museum.

Victory Gardens – March 24: Ever hear of a Victory Garden? Here in Woodstock, Billings Farm was the site of a Victory Garden to serve the community during WWII. Christine explains how individual gardeners could make a difference for the country during a difficult time. Want to learn more? Check out this great resource:

Meet Dolly! – March 23: Gabi introduces us to Dolly, a Nigerian Dwarf goat, who lives here at Billings Farm.

Introduction to Milking – March 20: How many cows can we milk each day and how much milk does each cow produce? How long does it take to milk a cow? Head inside our milking barn and learn about the milking process for our Jersey cows. Send your questions to

Up Close with a Cow – March 20: Meet Bryce, a Billings Farm Jersey cow, and learn how we name our cows and what their names mean.