We are proud to present three delicious varieties of cheeses, Butter, Woodstock Reserve and our award-winning Smoked Cheddar. Each is hand-crafted in small batches at the renowned Grafton Village Cheese Company in Grafton, Vermont.

Drawing upon our 150-year tradition of dairy excellence, including our superior herd quality and high standards of care for our cows, our cheddar is made from 100% raw milk exclusively from the Billings herd of over 40 purebred, registered Jersey cows. The cheese is carefully aged for at least 60 days and contains no additives, preservatives, or artificial coloring.

Billings Farm cheddars carry the coveted “Queen of Quality” label, which certifies that it is a highly-nutritional, premium product made from 100% Jersey milk. Billings Farm is one of only 26 dairy farms nationwide (11 in New England) that qualifies for the “Queen of Quality” distinction issued by the American Jersey Cattle Association.

Our cheese is available for purchase online, through our Museum Gift Shop and Farmhouse Café, and in locations across the state of Vermont. 

Billings Farm Cheddar Fondue for Two Recipe

In Woodstock we know the key to romance is Billings Farm Cheddar cheese. Order yours online below to make your own Fondue for Two at home for date night.