The Billings Farm apprenticeship is designed for students with a serious interest in gaining the skills necessary to farm in a small-farm setting. Frequently working in view of the public and potentially participating in visitor programs, successful candidates will work closely with the farm staff – performing routine chores and seasonal projects and responding to the daily demands and challenges of working with large animals.

Apprenticeship Program

The farm apprenticeship is a 12-week program during summer months. The actual start and end dates will be determined by mutual agreement between the intern and the Billings Farm manager.


Apprenticeships are available to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in academic institutions within the United States and its territories.


A strong work ethic, the ability to work as a team member with flexibility in work assignments, and the physical ability to work the long hours of a farm schedule (60 hours/week, average) in all weather conditions, are required. Also: excellent people skills, initiative, the ability to work daily with hands, wrists, and back, and lift 50 pounds. A valid driver’s license is required; computer/website skills, a plus.


Apprentices will live on the second floor of the historic 1890 Farm House, which is located on the farm property.

Personal Space. Apprentices will be assigned a bedroom and a bathroom, which will be their own private spaces. Personal items should be confined to these two areas.

Public Space. The living room, kitchen, and second bathroom may be in use by other staff during the workday and should be kept clean and clutter-free.

How to apply

Applications will be accepted for summer 2023. The Farm Apprenticeship is awarded on a competitive basis.  Please submit the following information by email: or mail to: Farm Manager, Billings Farm & Museum, P.O. Box 489, Woodstock, VT 05091. Please include:

• A one-page statement of your interest in the program, specifically outlining your personal goals and what you hope to accomplish during the apprenticeship.

•  A complete resume outlining your education and work experience and how they will prepare you for this apprenticeship.

• Specific skills and abilities that you can contribute to the Billings Farm.

• Two letters of recommendation from your professors or supervisors in a related field.