Jersey Breeder

For Farmers

Registered Jerseys have dominated the landscape of Billings Farm for more than 145 years. Thanks to the dedication of our skilled farm staff, our herd has become one of the most successful in North America, with Billings genetics helping to strengthen and improve farms around the United States and abroad.


Currently, we offer registered Jersey calves and heifers for sale, as well as small batches of high-quality embryos.

Our Mission

Our philosophy is fundamental: we strive to breed the best type-minded examples of the Jersey breed, with a focus on longevity. Guided by a belief in the importance of breeding superior cow families, we are dedicated to maintaining several foundation families with genetics extending back many generations. The D Family’s Billings Chairman Dorothy, is a 14th generation Excellent.

Our Herd

Currently, our Jersey herd comprises over 70 cows, half of which are classified as “Excellent,” with the rest ranking “Very Good.” Current production measures are in excess of 16,000M 864F 624P on 2x milking.

Our cows are housed in a tie-stall barn on mattresses. During spring, summer, and fall the herd spends each day in our tunnel-ventilated barn; overnights are spent in the pasture. Cows with special requirements live in box stalls. The cattle are fed a Total Mixed Ration (TMR) diet which includes alfalfa baleage, corn silage, dry hay, and a custom-mixed grain concentrate.

Billings Farm Cheddar Cheese

A proud member of the Agri-Mark Cooperative, 70% of our milk is processed there for use in the Northeast’s premier dairy brands including Cabot and McCadam. The remaining 30% is sent directly to the Grafton Village Cheese Company for the production of three varieties of Billings Farm Cheddar, made from 100% raw milk exclusively from our herd.