Portraits of Resilience Exhibition Resource Station banner title

Local Resources

Vital Communities  (Exhibition partner organization) – includes a list of all farms featured in this exhibition, recordings of interviews with farmers, and additional information and resources about the Climate Farmer Stories project.

NOFA VT (Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont) – Information, resources, and advocacy tools for farmers, consumers, educators, and students in Vermont.

NOFA NH (Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Hampshire) – Information, resources, and advocacy tools for farmers, consumers, educators, and students in New Hampshire.

University of Vermont Extension, Center for Sustainable Agriculture – Research, reports, and contacts for sustainable agriculture experts.

University of New Hampshire, NH Food Alliance – Network to connect members of New Hampshire’s food system.

Vermont Farm to Plate – Plans, reports, and data about Vermont’s food system.

Volunteer Opportunities

Willing Hands – Volunteer opportunities for gleaning, gardening, and more

Vermont Foodbank – Volunteer opportunities for gleaning, distributing food, and more

New Hampshire Food Bank – Volunteer opportunities for gardening, distributing food, and more

National Resources

Kiss the Ground – guides, toolkits, videos, and other resources about the science of regenerative agriculture, ways to support farmers, and advocacy information

Project Drawdown – science-based, large-scale solutions and strategies to draw down carbon

Organic Farming Research Foundation – Research, toolkits, and advocacy around organic farming systems

Rodale Institute – Research, trials, training, education, and consulting about regenerative organic agriculture

Civil Eats – Daily news stories “for critical thought about the American food system.”

American Farmland Trust – Farmer support, podcasts, advocacy resources, and more

Advocacy Resources

Kiss the Ground/Regenerate America – Petitions, information and news on policies, Farm Bill Policy Platform

American Farmland Trust – Farm Bill action center, with links to contact representatives

Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont – Farm Bill Platform, state (Vermont) and federal policy priorities, link to contact your representatives

Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Hampshire – Farm Bill Platform, local and national opportunities to support regenerative agriculture