trophy room

A Legacy of Excellence

Trophy RoomWhen Frederick Billings started Billings Farm in 1871, his goal was simple: to breed a herd of excellent Jersey cows. The best cows made delicious, high-butterfat milk and had strong genetic traits that could be passed on for generations. To reach his goal, Billings bought animals from top herds in the country and imported Jerseys straight from the source—the Isle of Jersey.

The trophies and awards in this room prove the success of Frederick Billings’ vision, carried on by farm staff over 150 years. The awards begin with several from the famous World’s Columbian Exposition, held in Chicago in 1893, and continue into modern day. Our Jersey herd remains one of the top in the country and includes the offspring of our most famous cows. The Billings Farm legacy has spread beyond Woodstock through sales and breeding, and today, herds throughout the country include Billings genetics.