Winter on the Farm, Then and Now

What was it like to live and work on a farm during the winter 130 years ago?

In this program, we will explore how people in the past survived the long Vermont winters. By looking at photographs and objects from the past, we’ll learn how they moved from place to place, what chores they had, and how they kept warm.

The pre-recorded video and materials will feature a visit with the farm’s draft horses and a look at the equipment they would have used to pull sleighs. The live session will discuss chores and work that was done on the farm in the past, and how these are similar and different from what students may do today.

Weekdays, February 1-26
Offered from 10am-3pm 
Call 802-457-2355 or e-mail afannin@ to confirm availability.

Grades: K-2

Pre-field trip materials:

• Video about winter transportation in the past, draft animals and sleighs
• “Winter in the Past” Worksheets


• Pre-field trip materials: about 20 minutes
• Live session: 20 minutes

Cost: $35 per session

How to reserve your virtual field trip:

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