NOTE: All indoor spaces (Horse Barn, Calf Nursery, Cow Barn and Small Animal Barn) are currently closed to guests due to COVID-19 safety precautions. The Heifer Barn is open to guests. The animals may be seen in the pastures. 

Visit our fully-operating farm and get to know our farm animals, pastures and barns. We have over 70 Jersey cows, and on average about 40 milking at any one time. We have calves throughout the year in the calf nursery. We also have five draft horses, two steers, two Berkshire pigs, goats, a flock of Southdown sheep and heritage breed chickens.

During the summer, our sheep and horses graze in the pastures while the cows spend the cool nights in the pasture after their afternoon milking.  In the winter, visit the cow barn, the calf nursery, the horse barn, and sheep & goat barns. Daily milkings are open for viewing by visitors. 

We typically offer timed programs each day where you can Get Up Close with a Jersey Cow, Meet Our Sheep, get An Introduction to Milking, and Meet a Draft Horse. Be sure to check our daily schedule for more information on what’s happening the day of your visit.

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