Meet our Heritage Chickens

Chickens on Billings Farm date back to at least the 1890s, when we know the flock consisted of Black Langshans, Crested Polish, and some Buff Cochins that Laura Billings showed at local fairs. During this period chickens were commonly found on most farms around Vermont, and were raised for both meat and eggs. Although many were strictly for home use, there is evidence that the Billings Farm flock was commercial as well.

Today, our flock consists of traditional heritage breeds that are in danger of extinction, usually with fewer than 500 breeding pairs. Over the years we’ve had a number of breeds here including Rhode Island Reds, Blue Andalusians, Buff Cochins, Buff Orpingtons, Dominiques, Barred Rocks, Araucanas, Wyandottes and Silver Polish.