Portraits of Resilience Exhibition-  Farming in a Changing Climate banner title

An exhibition of the “Climate Farmers Stories” artwork, in partnership with Vital Communities

April 4 – June 23

Note: The exhibition will be closed for a private event on Saturday, May 18, and Friday, May 31.


This thought-provoking exhibition of 26 original artworks from the Vital Communities “Climate Farmers Stories” project will be displayed in Billings Farm’s Historic Barn from April 4 – June 23. 

Through portraits in paint, print, fiber, and digital media, the works highlight the resiliency, creativity, and problem-solving abilities of farmers in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. Each portrait is intentionally crafted by local artists to connect viewers with climate farmers.  The artwork, along with educational panels and quotes from artists and farmers, help convey both the problems and solutions that climate change presents and provides an important platform for raising awareness. 

The exhibition will continue outdoors where guests will find examples of approaches to improve climate resiliency at Billings Farm.  A few of the methods include rotational grazing of the dairy herd, solar panel usage, low or no-till fields with organic-only fertilizers.

This collaboration between Vital Communities and Billings Farm & Museum provides accessible ways for individuals to take meaningful action to help farms address climate change.

To learn more about the Vital Communities Climate Farmers Stories Project, visit vitalcommunities.org/climate-farmer-stories. 


For a list of farms featured in the exhibit, more ways to get involved, and additional information visit the Portraits of Resilience Resource Station.

  • Winter Street Farm

    Winter Street Farm

    Cecily Anderson
  • Bascom Farm

    Bascom Farm

    Linda Diak
  • Hogwash Farm

    Hogwash Farm

    Allison Dubrowski
  • Sweet Beet Farm

    Sweet Beet Farm

    Cecily Anderson