Quilt Exhibition

Annual Quilt Exhibition

Billings Farm & Museum hosts its 33rd Annual Quilt Exhibition July 27 – September 15, 2019. The juried exhibition features colorful quilts made by today’s quilters of Windsor County, plus quilting demonstrations, activities and programs for children and adults.

A variety of “challenge” quilts are also exhibited. A challenge requires specific style and construction rules agreed upon by quilt guild members, designed to improve their quilting skills while they enjoy comparing results.

Vermont’s Quilting Heritage

Quilts have been a part of American rural life for over 300 years. They are colorful testimony to the fact that farm life, while sometimes austere, held celebration. The women who settled in Vermont during the late 18th century brought with them the hand skills, thrift, imagination, and traditional designs which would develop into a peculiarly American art form: the patchwork quilt.

Today’s Vermont quilters carry on a continuing and evolving tradition. Much of the contemporary work of Windsor County quilters is composed of patterns handed down from earlier generations and executed by hand; some adapt the traditional craft to more modern expressions and materials. All require skill, patience, and imagination.


Admission to Billings Farm & Museum’s Annual Quilt Exhibition includes the working dairy farm, orientation and farm life exhibits, the restored and furnished 1890 Farm Manager’s  House, plus daily programs and activities.