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NOTE: It is our priority to make sure the well-being of our guests and our staff is safeguarded. Given the changing public health situation with COVID-19 some locations on our site may not be open to the public, and some activities will be modified to accommodate social distancing and safety limitations. Find our protocols at Visiting Billings Farm Safely as well as a list of spaces that are open to the public.

What’s the same at Billings Farm?

Acres of pastures where Jersey cows, horses, sheep and goats roam. The Heirloom Garden, Victory Garden, Pollinator Garden, and Pizza Garden are taking shape and guests can ask questions of interpreters stationed nearby. The Farm Life and Upon This Land exhibits in the Visitor Center are open to guests as well. Our Walking Trail along the Ottauquechee River invites exploration.

What’s different at Billings Farm?

Our animal barns and 1890 Farm Manager’s House will be closed for the safety of the public as we are not able to practice our safety protocols in those areas. Our brand new, state-of-the-art Heifer Barn will be open for guests to visit. For those interested in the history of Billings Farm, interpretive information can be found outdoors on the porch of the 1890 Farm Manager’s House and throughout the Farm Life and Upon This Land exhibits. The Dairy Bar opens for the season on July 3. There is only limited outdoor seating, so we recommend bringing a picnic blanket with you.

Our safety measures include requiring face coverings for all guests over age two, and we will practice social distancing of 6 feet (a cow’s length!) in all spaces open to guests during your visit. The Billings Farm & Museum site will be limited to a maximum capacity of 225 people at one time, per State of Vermont guidance. Find additional safety information and a list of spaces open to guests at Visiting Billings Farm Safely

How long does it take to tour the Billings Farm & Museum?

We would recommend 3 hours to tour the barns, exhibits and 1890 Farm Manager’s House.

Do you have a map of Billings Farm & Museum site?

Download this map of Billings Farm & Museum in preparation of your visit.

What safety precautions are being taken due to COVID-19?

Until further notice, Billings Farm & Museum is operating under our Six Safety Pillars. These must be observed by both staff and guests.

Are there guided tours of the Farm, 1890 Farm Manager’s House, Museum & Gardens?

We can typically provide guided tours for groups of 10 or more with advance reservations, however there are no guided tours of the 1890 Farm Manager’s House at this time.  The Farm Life Exhibits are self-guided.  Museum interpreters are typically stationed in the barns, the calf nursery and our 1890 Farm Manager’s House to provide information and answer questions during your visit. 

Do I need an advanced reservation to visit?

No. We are typically open to the public from early April to the end of October, every day 10am-5pm, and we are typically open weekends November through February from 10am-4pm, and daily during holiday weeks, including the week of Christmas through New Year’s, and week of President’s Day in February. View our Hours & Admission page for the full schedule.

We are open Thursday-Tuesdays from 10am-4pm. 

Does one ticket include everything on the site?

Yes.  Included with each admission ticket: the award-winning film, A Place on the Land, the horse, cow and small animal barns, the Farm Life Exhibits and the 1890 Farm Manager’s House. Note: The barns and the 1890 Farm Manager’s House are currently closed due to COVID-19 safety precautions..  Special programs such as art classes, Billings Backyard workshops and films may require an additional fee.  View our Special Events for more information.  

Does Billings Farm & Museum offer admission discounts?

Billings Farm & Museum members receive unlimited free admission. We offer discounts to AAA members, members of the military, and members of museums in the Time Traveler program. Inquire at the Ticket Desk for details. 

Billings Farm & Museum is an independent non-profit and not part of the National Park system, therefore the National Park Service “America the Beautiful” passes do not apply at our site.

Is parking available at Billings Farm & Museum?

Yes, we have free parking.  There is a parking lot adjacent to our Visitor’s Center and an additional parking area across the street from our main parking lot entrance.  We also have handicapped parking spaces available in our Visitor Center parking lot.

Are there Public Restrooms?

Currently the restrooms are open to ticketed guests only.  Restrooms are located in the Visitor Center across from the ticket desk and in the lower level of the 1890 Farm Manager’s House near the Dairy Bar terrace.

Are there places to eat at Billings Farm & Museum?

Typically our Dairy Bar is open seasonally and offers Vermont-made ice cream, beverages, snacks and cheese and cracker lunches. Billings Farm yogurt and cheeses are also available in the Gift Shop. Additional food vendors may be on site for special events. We typically have two picnic areas with tables where guests may sit to dine: one outside the Visitor Center and another near the additional parking area across from the Visitor Center parking lot. NOTE: Picnicking options may be modified due to COVID-19 safety precautions.

Is there WiFi at your site?

No. At this time we are not able to provide WiFi service to the public.

How much is a membership?

Membership offers many benefits and supports the year-round work to care for our farm and museum artifacts and to develop and carry out engaging and educational programs for the public. We have several membership levels and you can apply your ticket purchase towards a membership when you visit.  Please consider joining today

What is the smoking policy at the Billings Farm & Museum?

Smoking of any substance is prohibited on the Billings Farm & Museum grounds. E-cigarettes are also prohibited.

Do you have a Code of Conduct for Visitors?

The Billings Farm & Museum seeks to provide a world-class experience in an environment that is clean, safe and comfortable.  Any behavior that is disruptive to the experience of other visitors or is destructive toward exhibits, artifacts, or our facilities cannot be tolerated. Persons who violate these rules will be asked to leave the premises and may lose membership and/or admittance privileges.

Until further notice, Billings Farm & Museum is operating under our Six Safety Pillars. These must be observed by both staff and guests. Find those here 

Accessibility & Pets

Can I bring my stroller, wheelchair or electric scooter?

Yes. The Visitor Center, Heifer Barns, and Farm Life Exhibits are fully accessible to strollers, wheelchairs and electric scooters. The Farm Life Exhibits and Activity Barn are accessible by elevator in the Visitor Center.

The 1890 Farm Manager’s House is partially accessible; some individuals may need assistance up the soft surface walkway and ramp; interior doors are 30″ wide. Please leave strollers outside of the 1890 Farm Manager’s House as they may block access in case of an emergency. NOTE The Farm Manager’s House is currently closed due to COVID-19 safety precautions.

Outdoor pathways are mostly crushed stone gravel, making some surfaces uneven.

Are pets allowed at the Billings Farm & Museum?

For the mutual safety of your pet and our farm animals, pets are not permitted on the Billings Farm & Museum grounds, with the exception of service animals.  Please be aware that the State of Vermont shields individuals from civil liability when they break into a locked vehicle to rescue a pet in “imminent danger of harm” especially due to heat or lack of water. We recommend leaving your pet in a safe location ahead of your visit.


Is photography allowed at the Billings Farm & Museum?

Photography and videography with hand-held cameras are permitted in the museum buildings, barns and grounds for non-commercial use only. To schedule private portrait sessions at the Billings Farm & Museum site, please find the Terms & Conditions and Photography Request forms at

What is the policy regarding drones?

Due to safety considerations, we do not allow drone photography on the property.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Comfort & Safety Tips – Our Grounds, Barns, Animals & Exhibition Spaces

  • First Aid & Lost Children – Please ask any staff member for assistance if you require first aid or to report a lost child. A first aid kit is located in the Visitor Center.
  • Lost & Found is located at the Visitor Center. Ask at the Ticket Desk if you think you left something behind.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, for your safety and theirs, please do not touch the animals.
  • Our walkways and floorings are made from a variety of materials throughout the museum exhibits, theater, paths, barns, gardens and the 1890 Farm Manager’s House.  Pathways are mostly crushed stone gravel, making some surfaces uneven.  We recommend comfortable walking shoes.
  • In the case of severe weather alerts, please return to our Visitor Center to be given further instructions.
  • For their own protection, please don’t allow children to sit, lean or climb on the farm railings or fences. They are not designed to bear weight.
  • For the safety of our animals, please do not feed them.   Our farm animals are fed very specific diets and quantities of feed.
  • Farm animals can be unpredictable. For your safety and that of our animals, we ask that you do not pursue or harass them.  Ask the stationed interpreter about procedures on how to touch and interact with our farm animals.
  • Please consume food and beverages in designated areas. Food and beverages are prohibited in the 1890 Farm Manager’s House, the Farm Life Exhibits and other indicated areas.
  • While we try to have as many “hands on” activities as possible, we ask you to please avoid touching the artifacts, wallpapers and furnishings, which in many cases, are irreplaceable antiques.
  • Regarding Kitchen Safety: At times, our Learning Kitchen’s stovetop and the 1890 Farm Manager’s House vintage cast-iron kitchen stove will have a hot surface, as part of our cooking demonstrations.  Please be cautious when passing or reaching in the areas near our stoves. NOTE: The Learning Kitchen and Farm Manager’s House are currently closed due to COVID-19 safety precautions.
  • To preserve our gardens for future guests, please refrain from picking the flowers or plantings.
  • Due to the hazards posed by numerous doorways in emergency situations, please leave strollers outside of the 1890 Farm Manager’s House.
  • For the comfort and safety of our guests, smoking of any substance is prohibited on Billings Farm & Museum grounds.
  • To adhere to state health regulations, shoes and shirts are required for all visitors.
  • Photography and videotaping is permitted for personal use only. No tripods or drones please.
  • For an authentic and focused farm and museum experience, please silence your modern technology.